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Staring down a barrel of gun,

My teeth quivering and palms all sweaty,

My knees are locked and my feet seem stuck,

My back is hot but my face feels cold,

My mind is crumbling,

My speech, i’m stuttering,

Wh- what the fuck am I supposed to do?




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I want to draw up blood,

I want to feel your pain,

I want you, me and her to feel the same,

Can you feel the shame, can you hear the crowd,

Can you hear as they scream and they cuss you out?

It’s okay if it was me,

Cause you’d like to see,

But what if the tables turned and then you were me,

We’re all laughing, see,

It’s all just a big joke you see,

Don’t take it too seriously,

No need to call the teachers, parents or cops,

Just enjoy the pain; its all fun and games.

What do you see?

How do you feel?

Lucy asked looking in Jason’s face,

The big smile was gone, and then his boys were gone,

I was left alone,

On the cold, stinking bathroom floor,

Just thinking, what does he see?



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So obviously it’s November almost December and almost all students, if not all, would start writing exams (standard procedure).

Can we in a little bit, in the spirit of examination just think about it. It’s Bullshit.

Hear me out. Yes examinations are to test your knowledge on the subjects you have been taught, that’s cool, but have they actually been taught? Or have they just been told, and read to, and tried questions on these said subjects? Okay besides that.

I guess teachers/lecturers realized that eh some students find this boring, some students have started looking for means to avoid this, some students are starting cheating, (this is referring to when cheating was first discovered, you know, like caves.)

Have you thought about it that, maybe you take this exam thing too seriously? Maybe if psychology was part as an exercise, just like you have physical ed. Or maybe just maybe the examination process is too hard, too stressful that even students, who do not plan to fail, fail because of the pressure.

At this point if you want to get me wrong get me wrong that is your problem, no because, how can I go to class, study, read all night, running on coffee as fuel and a four sleep and come to the exam hall and my exam paper is looking like Hebrew writing?

First of all you have separated us, hustled us for any extra materials we might have that we might use and ‘cheat’ (innocent me), you have put fear in us then you expect me to get an A, wow, rude.

I mean I get It some students love exams and get A’s that’s cute, but examination and it’s wahala,  I want to get an A, I want to do well for my parents, I want to pass my friends, I am tired of being an olodo, I don’t want to be like Eben, they always laugh at him when he fails, it’s just too much

Thinking of parents, I’ll keep it short, I feel like children feel enough pressure outside of their home to come back home to more pressure, all I can say is, Parents need to do better, be your kids peace, period.

Solution: give us (students that have be programmed to fear examination halls) a different way to test our knowledge, surely you ‘scholars’ are smart enough to think of other way, don’t give me question paper, a blank sheet  and 3 hours to write what I learned in 3 months, please let us be orderly in this life. Anyway I’m off reading for another paper.

Thank you for coming to my ted talk, talk to you soon.



i’d like to dance till my legs start to hurt,

till my breath falls short,

i’ll spin till my head swirls,

and my sight blurs,

i’ll point my toes till my bones crack,

and sway till my back hurts,

anything so the emptiness goes away,

and hopelessness fades away,

everything so i can feel again,

and when the music stops i’ll say play again.




Being in an abusive relationship is one thing, but being the abuser is another thing, and then being an abused child? Terrifying! Being abused in general is just horrible.

Obviously, abuse is not a light topic and I could tell you all about it in 500 pages, but here it is in just a few sentences.

Hitting someone else out of anger, with the main purpose to inflict pain in order to pass judgment and reduce your own built up anger is abuse.

Most of the time being in a relationship, and your spouse has annoyed you up to extent that you cannot take it anymore, that annoyance has built up anger inside of you, you’re raging on the inside and you feel like hitting something, what some “normal” people do is to hit the wall or shout or throw something, but because you are self-righteous and an entitled human sledge hammer or soon to be summon wrestler, you decide to remove the itching from your hand unto your victim.

Does it make you feel good? Does it make you feel powerful? Maybe, but it also makes you look stupid, and in all sincerity, uncontrollable, dangerous, and you deserve to be in jail. PERIOD!

And I know some of you will come and shout and say oh but, whoever is doing the annoying should be accounted for, yes we know, shut up your mouth when you see someone’s anger is building up.  But the truth is everybody lacks self-control but y’all don’t want to have that conversation.

All in all everybody needs to learn self control, you can bet I am not the one who wrote the book on self-control because I don’t possess one of those, where can I buy it? But, just because I don’t have one does not mean that I cannot preach on it.

Guys, it’s simple, if in a situation where nobody has insulted or disrespected anybody, and one person is angry, if you insist on talking while upset, please, don’t sound angry, talk calmly and quietly without provoking the other person, try to see things with clear eye, if not someone would leave with a black eye.


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King of boys

I am the king of boys,

Wait there while I string you along,

He tell me stay strong now that you are alone,

He said I don’t want to string you along,

Now tell me boy, why you calling my phone,

Why you texting the boss?

It’s been two years since we spoke,

It’s been two years since I saw you with rose,

You said I was too ghetto for you,

Then I lived in the Bronx,

Right now I’m living alone, been flying to Dubai yeah cause I’m grown,

I could lift you out the gutter but you said to leave you alone,

So I’ll leave you alone.

Can You Keep a Secret?


Can you keep a secret?
can you give a little more of yourself,
more than you’re willing,
can you keep a secret?
can you listen to me speak, and tell no one about it?
can you hold on to these memories with me?
for me?
can you keep a secret?
No, my secret,
I’ll tell you everything but first,
can you keep a secret?

Let’s Have Dinner

i just got into the city,
let’s have dinner,
been calling for more than a minute,
let’s have dinner,
my apartment’s a bit messy,
let’s have dinner,
we haven’t spoken in more than two years,
but, let’s have dinner,
i miss you,
let’s have dinner,
do you still like red wine?
my hair is a lot longer now,
i have missed nights with you,
you came all this way for me?
well i want to have dinner with you.

Inspired by You

Salty kisses,
Falsely reaching,
Met this guy with too much sause to begin with,
Too much distance,
My phones ringing,
Let me find out he got my number from this distance,
No just kidding,
It’s just some guy named Freddy,
How come the ones you choose are never ready,
As usual, I’m staunting in fenty,
Lip gloss dripping,
Lord I pray he catch me fall or something,
He’s walking my direction,

Trying to hold on something,

Just in case he walks passed then I can stop myself from falling,

He’s got a black t-shirt on,

Wonder why he loves that colour,
Crowned it with some white FILA’s on…